Frequently asked Questions

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  • Is the ski pass included in ski lessons?

    No. Ski passes are a separate purchase. All children over 5 years old need a lift pass. Ski passes may be purchased at the Mayrhofen main lift station (Penken) ­ see www.mayrhofner­

  • Do beginners also need a ski pass?

    Yes. All adults and children over 5 need a ski pass for the use of lifts.

  • Can our children be taught together in the same group?

    In the first instance, children are divided into different groups according to their level of skiing. It is possible for children to move to higher groups depending upon their progress. If your children have different ability levels but would still like to be in one group please tell us as soon as posible and we will try to accommodate them.

  • Do we have to take the whole 5/6 day course or can we just take a few days?

    Our programme for the groups is based on a 5/6 day technique programme and therefore it makes sense to attend the entire 5/6 days. It is however possible to attend the course for a few days.

  • Are the rates different when you book a 3 day course and then wish to extend?

    YES! If you take a 3­day course, there is a special renewal price. 1 day extension ­ € 25,00 2 days extension ­ € 33,00

  • Do children and adult lessons begin at the same time?

    Although adult morning lessons begin earlier (9am), children can be given to the children’s ski school at that time and will be supervised until their lessons start and until they are picked up by their parents again.

  • How am I placed in the correct group?

    On your first day you will make a test run and our instructors will place you in the correct group.

  • Is ski rental available in your ski school?

    Yes. We have ski rental in each of our five ski school offices in Mayrhofen.

  • Can I switch from one course to another (eg. from snowboarding to skiing)?

    Yes. Please inform the office.

  • Can you start a group course during the week?

    All group lessons begin on Sundays run everyday until Friday (there are no group lessons on Saturdays). Intermediates/advanced skiiers may begin on any day. If you are a beginner we strongly advise you to begin on Sunday or Monday. It may be possible to start on other days – please ask. Private lessons can be booked for any day.

  • How early do we need to reserve a private instructor?

    The sooner the better, especially if you have special requirements (for example, you want lessons in a certain language). We would however ask you to do this at least a day in advance, so we have more time to allocate our available instructors. Last minute reservations are possible but the choice of instructor will be more limited. Reservations can be made at the office or online

  • Is it possible to have lunchtime childrens supervision on individual days?

    Yes. You can pay for your child to have lunch and supervision on any given day. You may pay at the office or, at the very latest, on the mountain on the morning of the day in question.

  • From what age are children accepted on ski courses?

    From 2 1⁄2 years old. We offer both half­day (morning or afternoon) and whole day courses for all children. For snowboarding lessons we recommend a minimum of 6­8 years, on special request, it may be possible give snowboard lessons to younger children.

  • What is the difference between normal and test­day courses?

    The test­day course allows you to receive a partial refund if you child does not wish to carry on skiing.

  • Do your instructors speak foreign languages?

    Yes, we have German, English, Dutch and Russian speaking instructors. Other languages may also be accommodated. Please ask at the office.

  • Do group lesson have to be pre­booked?

    We generally recommend an advance booking of group courses through our online store. This saves you time and guarantees you a place in the ski school.

  • Are group lessons taken on consecutive days?

    Yes, our group lessons follow at weekly programme with new techniques being learnt every day. If you wish to take a break please speak to your instructor.

  • Is it possible to have a one day group lesson?

    Yes, however, we encourage you to take three days, which allows you to extend your lessons at the special renewal price. Our group lessons are structured as a weekly programme. We strongly recommend that beginners take at least three days.

  • What is the difference between Basic, TOP, VIP and PRO­skis?

    The difference relates to the quality of skis. Pro­Skis are the latest models.

  • Is a helmet included in the package?


  • Is children’s lunchtime supervision included in the ski lessons?

    No. Lunchtime supervision is an optional extra and costs €12 per day. Lunchtime supervision includes food, drink and supervision.

  • Is ski equipment included in the price of ski lessons?

    No. Ski equipment (skis, boots, poles) are not included, however, we have special offers for those who wish to combine ski/snowboard rental with lessons.